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The best Shiatsu Massage available!
“Shiatsu” is Traditional Japanese Art of Deep Massage.
Head-to-Toe deep muscle therapy.

* Relieves muscle tension
* Rejuvenates the body
* Improves metabolic function

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Benefits of Shiatsu Acupressure.

The number of benefits of Shiatsu Acupressure in promoting total well being is almost countless.

Here are just a few:

* Improves joint movements and range of motion.

* Increases circulation.

* Relieves aches, pains, spasms and soreness.

* Lowers blood pressure.

* Relieves PMS and helps regulate monthly menstrual cycle.

* Aids in digestion.

* Induces deep relaxation and sleep.

* Helps maintain muscle tone.

* Stimulates the lymphatic system.

* Reduces tension and stress.

* Helps soften and breakdown cellulite.

* Promotes energy.

* Helps increase concentration and productivity.

* Eases dry and itchy skin.

* All Athletes are getting in tendons, muscles and various joints relaxed, flexible and ready for rigorous competitions.

* Provides passive exercise and compensates for lack of activity while recovering from injury, surgery or illness.

* Lowers irritability and fatigue.

* ……..and so much more.

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